Here's the whip with a turn in lindy hop. The turn is different than the one you just saw in west coast swing in two respects. First, it is hands free. Secondly, it is a right turn for the lady, not a left turn. Could a hands free right turn be done in the west coast whip? Why not?

11. Whip with shoulder turn release

Shown: Whip w/ STR,
Underarm Turn,
2nd Whip w/ STR

The signal or lead comes
from the man's hand on
the Lady's

The lady is turning rapidly
but the reconnection will
go smoothly because they
both know that the hand
contact will be about
waist high

This pattern is the same as the whip for the leader and the follower until count 4.

For the leader:

On 4, he lets go of the follower's right hand. On 5, the leader pivots normally holding the follower in his right hand. On 6, the leader sits back on his left foot and pivots his right wrist outward allowing the follower to turn clockwise off of his right hand. He then finishes by doing a triple sit.

For the follower:

The follower does a regular whip pattern until count 6. On 6, the follower feeling the leader's wrist pivot on her back turns clockwise stepping with her right foot so that she is facing away from the leader. On 7, the follower continues turning clockwise and steps with her left foot so that she is facing the leader. The follower then finishes her triple, right left, on &8.

When the follower finishes her turn the leader should have his left or right hand outstretched to take the follower's right hand. The follower's hands should generally remain in the area between the follower's waist and shoulders so that the leader doesn't have to reach for them.

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