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West Coast Swing 1
Polish-Amer. Polka 1
Polish-Amer. Polka 2
Balboa (Bal-Swing)
Argentine Tango 1
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Video Primer

Lindy Hop 2: Chapters 3 & 4

More Difficult Intermediate Lindy Hop


xx. Author's Introduction to Lindy Hop - "...the Dean Collins' style of lindy."

xx.Glossary of Lindy Hop Terms

Repeated from Level One

3. The send out

7. Sugar Push

9. The Basic Whip

Chapter Three

13. Tuck double turn from closed position

14. Pull through to closed or open position

15. Pull through whip

16. Whip with swivels

17. Right hand pull through from open to whip

18. Pull Through Turn to Reverse Double Turn

19. Two hand open tuck double turn

20. Free spin from two hand open position

21. The Lunge

22. Switches

23. The Quick Stop

Chapter 4 Demonstration

The figures in Action - A one minute demonstration showing the figures taught in both Level One and Level Two (a very large file, 1.7M, comparable to the size of a movie trailer at Apple Computer's website.)

Preview: Lindy 3 Videos

P1. Saucy Kicks

P2. Dean's Overrotated Whip

Lindy 3 will
arrive in November

who are the dancers and author?