For comparison with salsa's lady's underarm turn, the page below shows the inside underarm turn as done in Polish-American Polka, both as a single turn and a double turn, .

Inside Underarm Turn (in place, with hop)

The lady's hand moves in
front of her face so it
is an "inside" turn. Both
are embellishing with a
kick to the back.

The feet maintain the
polka rhythm on the turn

The leader helps
the follower around

DT: Here is the inside turn with a hop. Which is the more common turn, the inside or outside turn?

Monique: They are both used.

Morley: The outside turn is often done by itself. The inside turn is used usually to begin or end a combination of figures.

DT: Is the rhythm of the feet the same on the inside and outside turn?

Morley: Absolutely. Always the same....Actually, there are variations but that is for a more advanced course.

DT: If the feet are the same, that introduces some asymmetry to the right and left turns. Whether the lady is turning right or left, she is on the same foot for either. Is one more difficult than the other?

Morley: I think with most dancers, the inside turn is harder.

DT: Monique, you and Morley have traveled abroad quite a bit to learn and perform dance, where was the polka happening?

Monique: Outside of the United States?

DT: Yes.

Monique: There are polka events all over the world. But when I traveled I did not seek out polka events at that time. When I went to Bulgaria, we did Bulgarian dances and when we were in Poland, we did Polish dances.

DT: We should mention that one of the hats you wear, Monique, is as director of the Monique Legare International Dance Company. So you have a focus of international dance and ballet, and a passion for polka?

Monique: (laughs) Yes, we go to polka events once or twice a week.

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