Side by Side - Both sides

Slow motion = right arrow key
Stop/Start = space bar
Play Again = space bar
Mouse Drag - the slider

It starts the same as
the previous "In & Out"
on the previous page.
Either only is doable from
cross-hand position, right
on top.

Couple look at one
another. Instead of
raising her hand to
lead her out...

...the man keeps her arms
low and shifts himself
to look at her from the
other side

DT: Kana, how does he get you to go to the other side instead of back out?

Kana: If you raise your left arm high, we will feel the window open and we will feel invited to go in and out. But this one you will keep your arm down around your shoulder level and then inviting us to your right and left.

DT: So if the arms go high itís an indication that you are going to go back out but if they stay low you are just switching to his other side.

Kana: Yes.

DT: Helmut, can you lead this socially?

Helmut: Yes.

DT: What would be the number one difficulty to leading this?

Helmut: While the lady is moving from one side to the other, the leader has to move also.

DT: To cut the distance for the lady to the man's other shoulder?

Helmut: Yes.

DT: Earlier I discussed with Kana about whether salsa should start on count 1 of the music -- step step step hold, -- or on count 2 -- hold step step step. Are both salsa?

Helmut: Yes. If you are having a good time (laughs). Yes, both are salsa.

DT: So for purposes of having fun, it doesn't matter?

Helmut: It doesn't matter as long as you stay on the same beat as your partner.

The Keys:
It is not only the lady that is moving side to side. The gentleman is also moving to shorten the distance the lady has to travel to be in the proper position.

In the video, Helmut starts in cross-hands position with his left hand on top and finishes the same way. He could have switched back out of cross-hands position by simply changing hands, but did not. This would affect his choice for his next move since certain figures are done from certain handholds.

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