Lady's In and Out (Side by Side)

Slow motion = right arrow key
Stop/Start = space bar
Play Again = space bar
Mouse Drag - the slider

The handhold is right over
left. The man leads the lady
forward and creates a space
for her to proceed through.

As the lady is steppig
right, the man rotates

For titling purposes, this
is referred to as "In".As
is generally good form, the
couple are looking at each

It is the same path out
as in. Compare this "out"
image to the first "in"
image above

DT: Here we have cross-hands, left hand on top -- again in titling the reference is to the gentleman, so his left hand is on top. What are your favorite ways to get into such a cross-hands hold.

Helmut: Cross-body lead. Just getting out of the lady's way is a great time to change hands. [Ed: The Cross-body lead will be in Level 2]

DT: Can you lead this move socially?

Helmut: Yes, it's easier if the music is a little slower.

DT: How would you characterize the speed of the music you have been dancing to in these videos -- fast, slow or in-between.

Kana: Definitely fast.

Helmut: It is as fast as you could dance to comfortably. There are faster songs but I don't know if you would want to dance to them.

DT: Does some music suggest starting on 1 and other music on 2?

Helmut: Yes. And then sometimes in the same song it will switch. Sometimes the music will have a 4 beat phrase instead of an 8, and you think you are breaking on 1 and all of sudden you are breaking on 5... (laughs)

Kana: That's a deep one. (laughs)

Helmut: ...and you're wondering "Did I do that?"

DT: Okay, whizzing right along... Kana, what should followers expect in the Lady's In and Out?

Kana: It will start with a left cross hand hold, left hand over but main lead is coming from his right arm. So he will open the window by raising his left arm, but he will lead me towards his right shoulder with his right arm, so I will go right in front of his body and then he will lead me in and out.

In the beginning he did in and out and the basic in-between and after that in and out twice without basic in-between.

DT: So, this one went in out, basic, in out, in out, and the leader has a choice of whether to put basic steps in-between.
[Ed: The video is clipped before the completion of the third in out]

Kana: Yes. Also, here ladies have a movement that goes backward with left foot. So when you are right next to him, your left foot goes back. Usually lady's left foot goes forward.

DT: Can the leader ever pull the follower off balance?

Kana: I think he could. He just wants to guide her or invite her towards his right shoulder instead of pulling her into him. I think he can just invite her to his right side.

DT: As best you can in words, what’s the difference between inviting someone to do something and pulling them to do it.

Kana: Creating the space where we feel very invited instead of yanking around forcefully.

The Keys:
Later chapters will deal more with handholds other than the normal handhold. This figure requires the cross-hand handhold with the leader's left hand on top. In dance parlance, this is shortened to "cross-hands, left on top".

Leaders, the lead to gather in the lady is an invitation rather than a yank. It is an indication using gentle pressure. It is not like pulling an inanimate object, such as a table for instance, towards you. As the lady responds, and depending on her movement, the leader may have to adjust his position so that the couple arrives at the desired side by side position. This is more dynamic and accomodating than the leader anchoring like a post and making the lady arrive at a predetermined spot.

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