Reverse Promenade with Amigas

DT: Andrew, this is similar to a move that was highlighted in the previous section, the difference here being that there are little cross stutter steps on the back walk.

Andrew: The steps are amagues which is translated from the Spanish as threatening or fake, as in faked out.

DT: Who is getting faked out?

Andrew: Honestly..? Anyone spectating (laughs) because here the leader and follower are not faking one another, we're both doing them.

DT: You are leading them, aren't you?

Andrew: The amagues -- I cannot lead the follower to do the amagues, but hopefully the follower will feel the pause and mirror my amague if she is familiar. If I look down to draw attention to my feet, the follower may pick that up.

DT: Even not looking at the feet, either the leader or follower could feel all sorts of movement in the other's leg and not know or be concerned about what is going on. Is that so?

Andrew: Yes, if the follower feels the leader taking the time for an embellishment, maybe she would do an embellishment, or if the leader feels the follower doing an embellishment, he could wait for her to finish or perhaps do an embellishment himself. A leader could either ask for an embellishment from the follower or give her time to do an embellishment. Here I am asking the follower to mirror my amague.

DT: If you were not doing the amagues, you would likely be stepping on every count instead of every other count, correct?

Andrew: Correct, yes.

DT: Main points?

Andrew: Adjustment of the frame. The left arm of the leader should be up, our left ar m being in front of our right hip in close to the follower. And when we take that pause to do the amague, again be standing straight up. And when we do amagues, we don't want to do this too deep behind the leg. Keep the feet close and don't kick out on the exit from the amague.

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