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Argentine Tango Waltz - Level 2

For Dancers with Argentine Tango Background

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xx. Authors' Introduction

xxx. Definitions and Usages for this Section

1.    Ocho cortado from right turn

2.    Pivot at follower's cross, leader walks out opposite side

3.    Rocking left turns with leaderís variations

4.    Media luna (half turns) with walk out reverse line of dance for leader

5.    High sacada to calesita

6.    Back ochos & variations

7.    Right turn w/trailing foot from back ochos

8.     Left turn with leaderís embellishments, walk out on followerís left side

9.    Rocking left turn in place

10.    Walks on two sides

11.    Left turn starting at cross with sacada on followers side step

12.    Hooks with single and triple step variations

13.    Follower's free turn from the cross

14. Demonstration.   

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